Features of the system that are useful

The use of internet has no doubt fostered progress in all fields. However, the dependence of the children on the net for even simple things and the tendency to spend long hours in front of the computer monitor surely does raise questions as to how useful the net could be for the students. Contrary to the belief that the internet could only be harmful to the students, it can actually help the students. The Saps.net.my not only lets the parents know about the performance of the ward, but they through comparative data and the mention of the average scores would ensure that the students benefit from the system.


 The Saps portal allows for schools old and new to post the exam results of their students online making it possible for the parents to monitor, compare and initiate corrective action. The entry into the portal is facilitated by the liaisonofficer of Saps at the NRD. The new school can then go ahead and post the exam results on the system.

An effective Sap system is supposed to address issues such as the absence of the school name in the system, student identity that has been missed out, the seamless introduction and use of the system by a new teacher so on and so forth. The system, therefore, integrates the frequently asked questions session to clear the doubts regarding these problems and access the system for the benefit of the student.  The system has been helpful in determining the causes for a below-par performance in the exams which is attributed to the  depressed atmosphere as well as pangs of depression a child experiences while preparing for the exam, planning their revisions to ensure that they have enough time to revise the portions etc.  this was possible because the system opens up scope for analysis subject wise and across schools that serve as guiding stones for parents to do all they can to improve the standard of their ward and get him/her exam ready.