You Can Get Article Ratings on Guatemala Times

Guatemala times provides article ratings of all the items that are displayed on it. It is basically a five-star rating system that helps in determining the utility of an article. New users and customers who have already bought a product and are using it can rate an article on the five-star scale so that it can be useful for others to make an informed choice. Therefore, every item has the rating which can be very useful for determining an article. After going through a review, a customer can make a user rating to determine how useful the article was. It is perhaps the simplest way of finding out the utility of a product and whether it offers value for money. A few other details regarding the system are also discussed here.


  • User ratings can be very helpful – User ratings on can help the site to make the needed changes to a review. A product having a five-star rating will definitely have more customers for it and therefore it can serve as a tool for making a purchase. Therefore, ratings can have a very big impact on any probable customer of a product. A one-star rating will mean a poor article whereas a five-star rating proves that all details have been captured thoroughly by the reviewer.
  • It can leave an impression of the product – A well-written article on can leave sufficient impact of the product. Users will like to get the product and see for themselves. They will place an order for it and a sale can happen. That is the aim of the site. That is why they try to capture all relevant information on the site for particular products. It also means that a reviewer has understood the item and therefore all facts are captured are captured in the review.

Article rating is a good way of understanding product details and the website can also get feedback from it.